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Day. 4

As I’ve already said, I love taking photographs to plants and flowers, this picture was taken in a trip to Guayabal de Síquima, another little town near Bogotá.

Besides loving taking photos to flowers, it is also a huge effort to learn about macro photography.
The colourful nature that offers us an infinite range of colours also passionate me. And this photo is all that:

Día 4

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Day 3.

The picture I’ve chosen to post today is fantastic. But, I wouldn’t be able to say why, it is something to me that make me love it.

It’s a picture in which represents what I’ve always been dreaming of. Being constantly in touch with nature, the ideal woman and my child (or children). No worries. Neither unnecessary frills, no loud noises. Just the essentials for living.

For that reason I share with all you this picture. Besides that I’d like to invite you to take care of the environment. There are simple actions you can do but those mean an invaluable aid, such as: unplugging you mobile phone charger once it gets totally charged or turning off your PC monitor every time you get away from it.

As you can see, I’m an amateur photographer and a beginner, so that if you have any suggestion or advise, please do not hesitate to comment. I’ll be thankful.


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Collection: One year of photography.

Well, on the eve of mi first year wiht my Sony DSC-HX1 digital camera, more than enough for me to learn the basics of photography and get started in this beautiful art, I’d like to celebrate it showing you the pictures that I think were the best I took, and their contextualization.

I set this blog to share with you my pictures and if it is worth the pictures by others. In this way learn together about photography.

The picture below was taken the same day I received the digital camera, the october 10, 2010.


In this day, the excitement filled my mind and my being, yet my family, that have not been rich, I know they made a huge effort to fulfill my disere of becoming an amateur photographer. They have gave my this camera, that one friend mentioned, was not worth the investment to take pictures at birthday  family parties.. Now, I can say he was mistaken. I’ve learnt, not much, but highly valuable things about this new hobby, which from that point on take my entire life.

As you can imagie, since the begining I loved taking photographs of plants and flowers. Macro photography is one of the fields that I like the most, but limitations in my equipment prevent me from developing it in the way I’d love to do it. By this time next year, I hope I’ll have bought a new camera that allows me to develop this field of photography.

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